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Upcoming exhibitions:

January-february 2016 year.
Personal exhibition.
Hotel "Crown plaza", Minsk.

March 2016 year.
Belarus week of Arts, Home of Moscow, Minsk.

May 2016 year.
Art project "Semechki".
Palace of arts, Minsk.

September 2016 year.
Personal exhibition "Whispers on Rain".
Artist gallery "Top secret", Minsk.

New painting collection "Magic of color!"
Выставка 2015
Exhibition will take place at Belarus, Minsk, "Belart" gallery, K. Marksa st., 4 and will last from 15 april till 28 april.
Exhibition video: 




Past exhibitions:

2002 Russian Culture Expo Los Angeles.
2004 Bruno gallery Israel.Solo exhibition.
2004 Exclusive representation "Bruno publishing" USA ArtExpo NY 2004-2008. Exhibition info.
2008 Chasen galleries USA Group exhibition Pino Daeni, E.Denis. Exhibition info.
2008 Representation "Sjatin ART bv" Nitherlands. Exhibition info.
2009 Gallery of the Academy of arts in Minsk. Solo exhibition.
2009 Baltic art gallery Lithuania Group exhibition. Exhibition info.
2009 Green gallery Ireland. Group exhibition.
2009 Tallantyre Gallery England. Group exhibition.
2010 Modus-gallery Paris France. Group exhibition.
2015 Belart gallery Minsk. Solo exhibition. Exhibition info.